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Jon Brisbin jon.brisbin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 06:25:47 MST 2008

Is WebKit not embeddable in Java? It runs on all major platforms that  
BD runs on...


On Mar 12, 2008, at 5:15 PM, DM Smith wrote:

> In BibleDesktop we use a JTexPane to display HTML. So we have looked
> at various options over the years. Perhaps the most comprehensive look
> was by Joe Walker in 2004:
> see: http://www.crosswire.org/pipermail/jsword-devel/2004-March/000689.html
> In this post Joe mentioned:
> JTextPane, JRex, Jazilla, JXWB, IceBrowser, SWT and a few others.
> JTextPane under Java 1.5 is still lame.
> JRex's latest release was 1/2006 and does not work under Windows.
> Jazilla is dead.
> JXWB is dead.
> IceBrowser not "open"  nor free.
> SWT is excellent but would require a re-write of our current code  
> base.
> Since then there are a few more: Lobo, JDIC and MozSwing.
> FlyingSaucer https://xhtmlrenderer.dev.java.net/
> MozSwing http://sourceforge.net/projects/mozswing and demo at http://jnlp.concord.org/dev/mozswing/mozswing.jnlp
>  (big download)
> JDIC https://jdic.dev.java.net/
> Lobo http://lobobrowser.org/java-browser.jsp
> JDIC, looks to be nearly dead and has huge memory leaks. The others
> look somewhat promising. Though Lobo doesn't look like it fits with
> Swing (which we use) but rather AWT (which we don't).
> An interesting site regarding embedding mozilla (aka XUL) : http://xul.sourceforge.net
> Our current plan is to use SWT. But I hope to look into these some
> more to see if they integrate well into what we have now.
> Any others?
> DM
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