[jsword-devel] Translation using Google Translation

Tonny Kohar tonny.kohar at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 22:45:49 MST 2008


I am planning to add locale for Alkitab Bible Study and wondering
whether google translation is good enough tool ? Does anyone can
comment on the quality of the Google Translation
(http://translate.google.com/translate_t) result ?

Since I am only able to speak Indonesian and English (not so good),
could anyone check this sample translation (result of Google
Translation), because if the result is good enough, I think I will go

Below are the sample text that I translate using Google Translation tool

CTL_Bible.Text = Bible
CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = Viewer
CTL_NoVNum.Text = Hide Verse Numbers
CTL_VNum.Text = Show Verse Numbers Only
CTL_CVNum.Text = Show Chapter and Verse Numbers
CTL_TinyVNum.Text = Use Small Verse Number
CTL_VLine.Text = Start Verse on Separate Line

// German
CTL_Bible.Text = Bibel
CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = Viewer
CTL_NoVNum.Text = Hide Vers-Nummern
CTL_VNum.Text = Zeige Vers nur Zahlen
CTL_CVNum.Text = Zeige Kapitel und Vers-Nummern
CTL_TinyVNum.Text = Verwenden Sie kleinen Vers Zahl
CTL_VLine.Text = Start Vers auf separaten Line

// Spanish
CTL_Bible.Text = Biblia
CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = Espectador
CTL_NoVNum.Text = Ocultar número de verso
CTL_VNum.Text = Mostrar sólo verso números
CTL_CVNum.Text = Mostrar el capítulo y versículo números
CTL_TinyVNum.Text = Uso número pequeño verso
CTL_VLine.Text = Inicio verso en línea separada

// Chinese simplified
CTL_Bible.Text = 圣经
CTL_ViewerCategory.Text = 查看
CTL_NoVNum.Text = 	隐藏韵文号码
CTL_VNum.Text = 	数字显示,韵文只
CTL_CVNum.Text = 	显示诗章和号码
CTL_TinyVNum.Text = 使用小的数目诗
CTL_VLine.Text = 开始,诗就单独的行

So what do you think about this Google Translation result (totaly
wrong, somewhat wrong, just ok, good) ? Is it suitable tool for
Alkitab locale ?
If the result is not suitable, I will need to think another way :(,
however if it is ok, I will go ahead and create the locale.

Tonny Kohar
Alkitab Bible Study
imagine, design, create ...

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