[jsword-devel] Vietnamese translation

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 05:40:11 MST 2007

On Oct 26, 2007, at 4:20 AM, Daniel Owens wrote:

> I probably should have asked whether someone was already working on
> this, but I have been translating the BibleDesktop user interface and
> Bible book names into Vietnamese. I have the following files  
> translated
> into Vietnamese:
> AboutPane_vi.properties
> Desktop_vi.properties
> Msg_vi.properties
> ViewSourcePane_vi.properties
> and
> BibleNames_vi.properties

Welcome aboard! No one else is working on Vietnamese.

> Traditionally Bible names are translated with a hyphen. For example,
> Exodus is translated Xuất Ê-díp-tô Ký. When I created the Ansi  
> file this
> is the Exodus entry, with the hyphenated version in the alternate name
> slot, hyphens marked "\u002D":

I've entered a bug report for this one and another problem you may  

Currently JSword uses a hyphen to separate ranges. It doesn't allow  
it for anything else.

The second problem is that it does not allow for spaces in Bible book  
names, except in a few instances.

I'll work on these.

(Peter, the latter affects Farsi, too)

> Exod.Full=Xu\u1EA5t \u00CAd\u00EDpt\u00F4 K\u00FD
> Exod.Short=Xu
> Exod.Alt=Xu\u1EA5t \u00CA\u002Dd\u00EDp\u002Dt\u00F4 K\u00FD
> I don't have access to upload to SVN, and I wasn't sure I had all the
> necessary files. Can someone let me know where to go from here or if I
> am lacking anything?

Peter commented on this and he will be the one helping you.

If you are working in Eclipse, you may find that the JInto plugin to  
be of great help.

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