[jsword-devel] LZSS now supported

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed May 30 14:04:30 MST 2007

I have just added LZSS support to JSword. This is the format that STEP 
files used. (Don't know anything about STEP though, as it was before my 
time.) And at this time there are no modules using LZSS. I added this 
because it is part of the Sword API.

Soon, I'll add support for TEI, for which there will be a few new 
dictionaries. Specifically, there will be a new version of Strong's 
Hebrew and Greek modules that will have accented Hebrew and Greek, 
rather than English transliterations. These are being written in a new 
module type of TEI. It is expected that when OSIS is modified to have 
good dictionary support it will be derived from TEI.

I'm continuing to modify BibleDesktop to support parallel texts with 
optional differences. I'll be mimicking MacSword's interface.

I'm also working on support for personal commentary. Not sure what kind 
of UI would be best. Input is appreciated.

I'm also adding a quick picker of Book and Chapter to the BibleViewPane, 
as an option.

If there is anything you'd really like to see in the next release, 
please let me know.

In His Service,
    DM Smith

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