[jsword-devel] Parallel Bible view

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 07:48:55 MST 2007

I have implemented a first pass of a Parallel Bible View. You can get  
it from the nightly build.

It does not allow you any choice as to whether it shows or when it  
shows. It should. Suggestions welcomed.

Here is how it currently works:
It is driven by your "Default Bible." Whenever you are viewing  
another Bible, it will display the Default Bible on the left and your  
pick on the right.

The internal code will allow for any number of Bibles to be shown in  
parallel. It can be easily modified to allow for an "interlinear" view.

It does not work well when showing a left to right Bible (say  
English) and a right to left Bible (say, Hebrew). The default Bible  
will determine the justification of the view.

Please check it out and let me know:
What do you think?
How would you change the interface to allow the addition/removal of  
Bibles in a parallel view?
What bugs can you find?

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