[jsword-devel] Fwd: [Linux4christians] Journaling Software

Daniel Glassey dglassey at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 07:46:18 MST 2006

Anyone interested in integrating this into an existing frontend? For
this user biblecs or bible desktop would be best. The idea would be
like the personal commentary but organised by date instead of verse,
and it would be able to link into scripture.


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From: Samuel Clough <samuel.clough at trumpetsofzion.org>
Date: 21-Mar-2006 12:30
Subject: [Linux4christians] Journaling Software
To: linux4christians at thelinuxlink.net

My dad keeps a detailed journal of his devotional
times each morning.  He had kept this on paper for
years, but is now wanting to move it into onto the
computer so that he can quickly search it be date
and by keywords or topics.  I've looked around and
I don't see anything great on sourceforge.net.
The bad news is that it needs to be able to run on
Windows as he is one of those people that will not
let go of what he knows.    So far the only thing
I've found is this http://www.davidrm.com/, which
looks pretty good but I'd rather not have
information as important as this locked up in a
proprietary program.

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