[jsword-devel] Migration to Java 5

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 05:36:45 MST 2006

I have just migrated our "typesafe enums" to Java 5 enums.
For an overview see: 

Basically our typesafe enums had some or all of the following features:
    Comparable, with deterministic ordering
    Canonical objects (hashCode, toString, equals, ...)
    a name that may differ from the spelling of the enum constant
    the ability to derive an enum from
        its name or
        the string representation of its constant name or
        the ordinal position in a global ordering
    Static state
    Dynamic global state

Java 5 enums has most of this. We needed to provide a lookup for its 
name and its ordinal position.

It gets rid of a bunch of code.

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