[jsword-devel] Starting on Jira

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 11 12:05:19 MST 2006

    I am posting your request to jsword-devel. I think you are now 
subscribed to it. So you can converse there. It's a good place so that 
everyone will know what is going on.
    You are welcomed to work on anything that is listed in Jira or 
propose something else. The other two areas related to JSword in Jira 
are Common and BibleDesktop. You might want to read the last few months 
of the mailing list for overviews that I provided to Andrew. They help 
one understand how JSword works. Andrew has offered to work on adding 
the ability to write modules.
    See below for specific responses.

Sijo Cherian wrote:
> Greetings,
> I was looking in  JSword Jira, to get my hands wet & also contribute. 
> Searching/Lucene/SearchResults are most interesting to me.
> I thought that JS-21 would be a start - "Add the ability to search by 
> word stems"
> Queries to start:
> - Is this a stemming problem based on Grk/Heb language specific 
> stem-algo (I have zero knowledge of Both!) or some kind of synomym-set 
> lookup ??
Basically the notion of stemming is to convert a word to its root word 
and search for all words having that as its root.
Every language will have its own stemming algorithms. One popular one 
for English is Snowball (not sure I spelled it correctly).
So in a way it is a synonymn lookup.
> - How much of stemming & stopword do we do for english in JSword?

None what so ever.

> - What are the resources to get started on index/lucene impl in JSword?

The best place is to join lucene-users and ask for guidance there. This 
is simply a problem of figuring out how others have done stemming in 
Lucene and applying it here. They have some stemming algorithms in their 
contrib area.

> - Is there any other issue on priority list that I should start with?

It is best to work on something you are interested in. At this time, let 
that prioritize your direction. You might find that there is something 
that you find missing from BibleDesktop/JSword and would like to work on 
that instead. Just propose it here for discussion, first.

> Yo'all have build up a great work for Gods word !!

Thank you! Now you can join in.

> Best,
> Sijo

In His Service,

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