[jsword-devel] eRCP (Embedded Rich Client Platform)

Mete Kural metekural at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 20 19:37:24 MST 2006

The documentation at the eRCP site should be useful for figuring out the programming requirements:


There is basically the "e" version of many things in RCP such as eSWT, eJFace, eWorkbench, eUpdate, etc.

I think doing a good review of both RCP and eRCP before starting development would be good in order to design the software in a way that accomodates both frameworks. It would be useful if a "cross-platform" development guide for RCP and eRCP or maybe a porting from RCP to eRCP guide existed...

But at least the currently existing guides at http://www.eclipse.org/ercp/ are pretty useful..


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Mete Kural wrote:
> Hello DM,
> Is a version targeted for eRCP (Embedded Rich Client Platform) one of the potential goals for BibleDesktop 2.0, if it is refactored around Eclipse RCP? It would be great to be able to use a limited version of BibleDesktop 2.0 on handheld devices such as Windows Mobile.

Yes. I think you said it right. It should be a potential goal. From what 
I read, one needs to stick with the Java Foundation Classes, that is 
J2ME. Not familiar with it, but the real question is whether the 
libraries we use are compliant?

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