[jsword-devel] Building on Bible Desktop: BibleBlogs.Net

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 18 15:24:32 MST 2006

Don Brown wrote:
> Cool, yeah, I've started doing the same, going through and cleaning 
> things up.  The GUI code has tons of errors for two main reasons:
>  * Still not 100% sure how you solve localization, so there are a lot 
> of labels and error messages still in the code
We use the Msg class. If a string is not to be localized we use a 
comment at the end of the line that Eclipse recognizes.
Also, some errors are expected and will show to the user. We localize 
these. If the error message is never expected to be seen, we don't 
localize. Support for localizing messages is in the LucidException classes.
>  * Most of that code was forked from the Blogapps code, where it was a 
> standalone Swing app.  Furthermore, a lot of it was autogenerated by 
> Netbeans.
> The license issue is kinda a tricky one.  I've gone ahead and added 
> the GPL to my code, but I haven't to the code I took from Blogapps.  I 
> don't think we can just remove Dave's copyright, especially when most 
> of the code is unchanged.  If you really want everything to be the 
> same license, I can talk to Dave.  There is also the GriddedPanel 
> class I've been using that comes from a Java Swing book.  That one I 
> haven't modified at all, so we probably couldn't change its license.
When we borrow code we don't change the license. We may add our license 
where possible/reasonable. But we don't want to violate our license 
agreements with the software we use.
> BTW, some background, I'm a Apache Software Foundation member and a 
> committer on several ASF projects including some used by Bible 
> Desktop, and we are very sensitive to licensing issues due to the size 
> of our projects.  We even have a legal team that keeps us in check as 
> we move along.
> As for changes and author issues, I doesn't matter to me, and I fully 
> expect you to mutilate my beautiful code :(  (jk, ;))  There is still 
> more work that needs to be done to better integrate the code, so I'll 
> be posting attachments until it gets committed.  Let me know when you 
> start working on it, 
I've started, but I can quit and wait for your further changes. But it 
is really not necessary. You just need to create patches against what I 

You probably have started against CVS. We are now, just now, using SVN. 
If you haven't done so, please use SVN. Otherwise you won't see the changes.

SVN has a great ability to merge and help resolve conflicts. So we don't 
need to serialize our effort. It may just end up with conflicts to 
resolve. I don't know if NetBeans (I presume that is your ide) has tight 
integration with SVN or not. Or what operating system you are developing 
on. But on Windows the best SVN clients I have found are TortoiseSVN and 

I am going to post a major refactoring tonight or tomorrow (directory 
renaming), which will include your patches. You will be able to see what 
changes I have made to your files. Mostly the changes will be minor. 
I'll be moving the changes to StatusBar. My general preference is that 
an object should be hooked up externally. So I'll probably put your call 
somewhere in Desktop. It has the responsibility for creating the big 
parts and binding them together with listeners.

The other change is that I am getting the latest versions of the jars 
and their source. I'll be checking those in shortly. I'll post when I do.

If you would create a blogapps-1.0-src.zip that matched the jar you 
created, I would greatly appreciate that. I've located the CVS 
repository, but my guess is that you have it readily available, thus 
easier for you. Within Eclipse, having the source allows a better 
debugging experience.
> so I'll know to stop.  In another project, we've found the JIRA 
> ability to declare "Work Started" as a helpful way to avoid steping on 
> each other.  I don't remember if this project uses that or not.
We could use it if it would help. We've used it in the past. Right now, 
I am the only *active* committer.
> Anyways, I look forward to working with everyone.  As I've said, I'm 
> very impressed as to the quality and organization of this project.  
> Keep up the good work!
Most of the credit for this goes to Joe!

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