[jsword-devel] SVN and JSword

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 14:30:41 MST 2006

    We are ready to switch over to SVN. See below for details. When can 
you do this?

DM Smith wrote:
> Troy,
>    Since we have released BibleDesktop/JSword 1.0, I think we can 
> consider putting CVS to rest! and migrate to SVN!
> We have three tasks left before that:
> 1) A Linux installer
> 2) A Mac installer
> 3) Tag the release in CVS
I have tagged the release, but the installers are coming along slowly 
and I am willing to go to SVN before that is done.
> I understand that there are tools that will migrate from CVS to SVN, 
> history and all. 
I found cvs2svn and have downloaded it. It can produce a "dump file" in 
SVN format, which can be used directly. I have created one: ~/jsword. 
This can be copied to the root svn directory and the read/write 
permissions should be the same as we have for JSword under CVS.
> Did you use these when you migrated the other repositories? Were there 
> any difficulties? Is this something I can run? (I am the SVN admin at 
> work, so I can figure it all out if I have adequate permissions on the 
> server.) 
Never mind!

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