[jsword-devel] Checkin

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 8 16:07:39 MST 2006

I am checking a minor change that affected a lot of files.
I finished changing the classification of books so that it matches 
Sword. Specifically, we had not identified "Cult / Unorthodox / 
Questionable" materials.
I also added the formal notion of "Locked" (internally isEnciphered).

This change is reflected in the Book Installer.
Now all books are listed, with "generic" books under "Other", and if a 
book cannot be installed (because we don't support it), the "Install" 
button is disabled.
I added the missing "book type" icons. I also made the bottom and right 
pixels of all these icons to be transparent. (They were blending 
together in the display. This causes them to be separated.)
I also added the ability to layer icons on top of each other and I added 
three "overlay" icons:
A small red "x" for unsupported books. This overlays in the lower right 
A small icon of a lock for locked books. This overlays in the lower 
right corner and supersedes unsupported, since all locked modules are 
(Note, if the key is supplied for a locked book, then it is no longer 
A small red "?" for "questionable" books. This overlays in the lower 
left corner and is independent of unsupported or of locked.

I also added tooltips to the installer tree for books with an overlay.

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