[jsword-devel] Lucene

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 19 10:23:28 MST 2006

Zhaojun Li wrote:
> I notice we have methods to download indices.  Is this done for all 
> the books?

Yes, but there are no indexes to download at this time. The problem is 
that we need to add "revisioning" of the index as we change what is 
indexed. For example we need to add strongs numbers to the index. And 
perhaps notes. We didn't want to get into that. Also, we wanted to have 
a single solution for all of Crosswire. Right now the C++ and Java code 
generate different indexes, but both can use the other's index. We will 
get convergence someday and when we do, we might actually prebuild and 
store the indexes on Crosswire.

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