[jsword-devel] jsword on j2me

Kobus Grobler kobus at aartappel.co.za
Thu Dec 14 23:22:40 MST 2006


I've been thinking about implementing a mobile version of jsword for a 
while now and have concluded that there's not much (if any) of the 
current jsword libraries that can be used on mobile devices. This means 
it has to be implemented almost from scratch. I have a lot of experience 
on the j2me platform, but cannot do this on my own, so I would like to 
know if a few other people would like to commit to time to this so I 
don't start something that will not be completed. I really think a 
mobile version with a few "special" features will be of help to our 
brothers that live in countries where access to a bible is still an 
issue (but not to a cellphone...). So internationalization should be a 

A few questions:

1)Has anybody else started/experimented with this?
2)Can we use the "incubator" repo?
3)Would anybody else be interested in helping (especially with 


Kobus Grobler

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