[jsword-devel] Please vote for Sun to fix a Java bug

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 13 19:28:35 MST 2006

If you are not aware, Peter von Kaehne and some members of the  
Glasgow Iranian Church are working on translating BibleDesktop into  
Farsi (also known as Persian). This is a common language of Iran.

Several things are coming together:
1) Bible Desktop is being translated into Farsi.
2) Farsi Bibles are being turned into Sword Modules. Check the beta  
module at:
3) Bible Desktop can be run from a CD or USB drive without installing  
Java on the host computer.

Together this provides an excellent opportunity to help the Farsi  
speaking churches in their evangelistic outreach.

But there is a problem and you can help. And you don't need to be a  

This language uses a right to left script and Java's Lucida font is  
incomplete in it's support of Farsi. There is an open bug report for  
it. If you register at Sun you can vote that this be fixed. It is  
really suprising that the Sun folk won't take the time to fix a few  
entries in the font, but they respond to "votes".

In the top 25 bugs the 25-th bug has 37 votes. Perhaps we can get a  
hundred or so.

Here is the link to the bug report:

Here is a link to register to vote:

In His Service,
	DM Smith

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