[jsword-devel] Resource management in JSword

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Thu Aug 31 10:26:47 MST 2006


I have tweeked the toolbar code in Desktop.java so that it looks more  
like a Mac like toolbar.
Additionally I used some other toolbar icons the way you (DM)  
described in the tutorial.
See here:

There still are some problems if the toolbar text is enabled. It is  
shown right of the icons not below.

Here are some more questions:
1. Do you have a piece of code with that I can distinguish between  
the used system, for example
	// do something
else if(systemIsWindows)
	// do something different
	// do something more different

I guess you have some methods somewhere in util classes, don't you?

2. I have installed some bible texts, dictionaries and other stuff.
Normally this should go to ~/Library/Application Support/JSword
But there are no installed modules. And there is no ~/.jsword  
directory either. Where are the installed things?

3. What do you think about a additional view for dictionaries.
I think of it like the normal bible text view. It has a search text  
field at the top, a combo box where you can choose between the  
installed dictionaries. It should have the text view where the  
complete text of the dictionary is shown and additionally it could  
have a tree view left of the text view where the keys can be choosen.  
Things that are searched for are entered in the search text field and  
the search algo searches for the keys first if nothing is found  
there, it searches in the values.

This would imply that the main window can host different views. I  
think of more views in the future.

Sorry if something like this is in the open issues already. If not  
what can we include it?

Best regards and God bless,

Am 31.08.2006 um 04:22 schrieb DM Smith:

> This is a tutorial on how to redefine resources to your advantage.
> It was motivated by Manfred's question on replacing icons. I will  
> be using that as a final example.

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