[jsword-devel] Mac experience

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Mon Aug 28 11:10:17 MST 2006

Hi all.

Good to know that BD is released as Application Bundle for Mac users.  
I have to check this out.

For the filechooser you could either use AWT which shows a more  
native Mac Look & Feel than the Swing one.
Or you could use this:
(that's what I wanted to change in the source but first I have to  
warm up with it).

Yes, About menu item should be under Application menu.
The whole menu should be at the main menu every Mac application uses.
(Macs have no menu in each window but one menu at the top of the  
desktop which changes with each application or window).

Preferences should be in application menu.
The toolbar could be made more Mac like with setting some properties.

God bless,

Am 28.08.2006 um 06:11 schrieb DM Smith:

> I'm new to the mac, but I'd like to know where BibleDesktop does not
> behave as a Mac application?
> I have noticed a few things:
> 	1) The file chooser is not appropriate. Apparently, the AWT file
> chooser will provide the correct experience.
> 	2) About should be on the Application menu not Help.
> 	3) Preferences (a.k.a. Options) should be on the Application menu.
> 	4) Some buttons do not show properly on the main screen. (this is a
> problem in some other look and feels as well)
> Anything else?
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