[jsword-devel] New Sword Path lookup

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 26 09:53:21 MST 2006

I have been working on creating a more pleasant experience for Mac  
users since I now have a Mac myself. (How self-serving!)

Anyway, hidden unix directories are a bother on the Mac and don't do  
things the "Mac" way (whatever that is)

As I have discovered (or at least think so), the "Mac" location for  
application, per user settings are in ~/Library/Application Support/ 
There is a similar place for global settings, /Library/Application  
Support. But JSword only uses per user settings.
So, rather than ~/.jsword, the Mac will have ~/Library/Application  

Windows has a similar situation but is complicated by roaming vs non- 
roaming profiles. This document provides great details:

The upshot is that there is a per user "Application Data" directory  
that should be used. So I am working on finding the correct  
"Application Data" directory for each of the scenarios mentioned in  
the document. And in that directory, there will be a JSword directory.

For the sake of backward compatibility. The ~/.jsword directory will  
be moved and renamed.

The other part of the change is to be more Sword C++ friendly. It  
defines a set of locations to manage downloads and to find sword  
module directories. The upshot is that I am moving mods.d and modules  
to a new location. On the Mac it is ~/Library/Application Support/ 
Sword and on Windows it is <per user>/Application Data/Sword.

Also, the behavior of Options -> Sword Books is changing. The problem  
was that the path editor would snapshot the set of actual locations  
and if a new location were added it would not be picked up  
automatically. Now, the path editor defines additional places that  
JSword should look in addition to its standard locations. These  
additional locations take precedence over the standard locations.

The Path Editor should be changed to allow for move up/down, since it  
is a prioritized list.

(Troy, after the Sword C++ engine 1.5.9 is released, I'll work on  
adding these per user "Sword" locations to the C++ code.)

I should have this in tonight's nightly build, but the standard  
disclaimer of gloom and doom of a nightly apply.

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