[jsword-devel] Will all java web sword be interesting for anyone?

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 15:08:18 MST 2006

	Real nice start! Keep us posted here. Also, feel free to ask questions.
In His Service,

On Aug 21, 2006, at 4:26 PM, David wrote:

> I have developed opensource implementation of Sword for java  
> servers.  It is of course based on the wonderful code from Jsword.
> I have put it into Eclipse RCP with a embedded tomcat.
> Anyone think it is interesting?
> I tried the websword, it seems that it needs linux /unix to compile  
> and runs on Corba or RMI. It is not standard j2ee web application.
> Thanks all for you hard work to make my little project possible!
> http://crossclipse.googlepages.com
> There is not too much there yet.
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