[jsword-devel] FUTURE DIRECTION

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 14 10:33:57 MST 2006

The following email was solicited by one of our longstanding 
contributors of work here at CrossWire, and, despite the brief personal 
comments at the beginning, ought to be useful and interesting to 
everyone seeking to serve here together.

As stated at the beginning, it is a very good thing to periodically 
evaluate our direction and vision in service for our Lord-- both 
short-term specifics, and long term purpose.

I have been excited to hear in personal and public email and in irc chat 
in #sword on freenode.net (shameless encouragement to join, if you're 
not a regular) that God has placed similar desires and vision in people 
who desire to share in ministry together.  It is a wonderful thing to 
see our God bring people together in common vision and likeminded 
service for His Kingdom.

	-Troy A. Griffitts.
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