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Kurt Andrews Kurt.W.Andrews at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 22 22:14:13 MST 2006

OOOh Boy a new toy!  I bought mine about the time I showed up on the  
Sword lists, I had a rather large collection of Bible study software  
from WordSearch, and I was looking for a replacement that would run  
on the Mac.

Here is the Java environment that came installed on mine ( ) web  
start is included as well.  I just stumbled across a page on the ADC  
that looks like it has lots of good stuff.


It's  got me thinking about putting together an application bundle  
for jsword and bibledesktop.  I think I can figure most of it out by  
hacking the Eclipse application bundle.

The first things I installed were eclipse, subclipse, RDT, CDT, EPIC  
and MySQL

Installing  the development tools that come on the CD is a must. It's  
most of the GNU development suite + an IDE called XCode which looks  
pretty cool, but other than some of the mac specific templates (like  
the application bundles) described in the link above.  I still  
haven't found it compelling enough to switch from Eclipse yet.

Ruby, Python and Perl are also installed at the factory.

I've also installed XMLMind's XXE and RenderX XEP 4 for work with  
OSIS and my own writing, mostly for Bible study and Sunday school  
classes.  I've just started using XML for Authoring and markup.  It  
seems pretty complicated compared to ant build.xml and configuration  
files, but since the underlying OS on the Mac is *NIX, I can use a  
lot of scripting options to help me out.  Something I'd never bother  
with on a Windows machine.

Enjoy... I know there are a couple of other people on the list who  
use a Mac.  It'll be great to have another person to bounce ideas and  
questions off of.

God Bless!

On Apr 22, 2006, at 1:26 PM, DM Smith wrote:

> I've decided to get a Mac (Intel mini) and it should be coming some  
> time next week. I've wanted one for a few years now.
> Any pointers on how to set up a development on it for JSword. Is it  
> as simple as installing Eclipse? Will there be any trick in getting  
> Java 1.4.2 set up for it? Since I have not bitten an apple since  
> the old 128K mac days, I have lots of questions, but perhaps they  
> will all be answered once I set fire it up.
> Any recommendations on open source software I should get?
> How about other software?
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