[jsword-devel] Just touching base

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 16:04:34 MST 2005

I've been working on getting JSword to classify modules in a similar 
fashion to Sword. Specifically, I am breaking out Glossaries and Daily 
Devotions from Dictionaries. In Sword a glossary is a map of a word or 
phrase in one language to that in another. A daily devotion has a number 
for a key which can be interpreted as a date. The immediate advantage is 
small. The installer classifies books according to their type. This will 
make the modules be more meaningful to the end user.

When this is done, I hope to make a Daily devotion behave as a "Reading".

The only thing I need to do is get/create icons for each. Currently we 
are using a block with the first letter, but I don't know which font was 
used. So we need to create new ones, or figure out which font was used. 
The problem with using a first letter is that it is not very 
international. Either we need to have these in every language, or we 
need a more pictorial icon. A pictorial icon will result in fewer icons 
(i.e. kb in the download).

I had a hard disk failure, so I have reinstalled Fedora Core 4 and 
Eclipse. I hope to put together a tutorial of how to set up Eclipse 
3.1.1. (What we currently have is a bit out of date.)

Other than that I am working on native support for OSIS as outlined in 
an earlier post.

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