[jsword-devel] Build issues

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 13:16:13 MST 2005

Joe Walker wrote:

> Hi,
> 2 things I noticed doing a clean build:
> 1. jsword/resource is now empty, so when you sync with CVS it deletes 
> it, which breaks the eclipse/.classpath and the ant build scritps. 
> There is an easy fix (create the directory manually) but this is 
> probably not a good long term soln.
> Do we think we should create a dummy file in resource just to keep the 
> directory in existance?

My preference is to not have a dummy file, but to get the build to work 
without it.

I thought I removed it from the eclipse/.classpath for jsword project. 
And I thought I changed and tested the ant build scripts to make sure it 
didn't require the resource directory. Hmm. I'll look at it tonight.

> 2. The jar certificate is out of date.

I noticed that, too. It appears that it only lasts for 6 months. All 
that needs to be done, is delete it and it will be recreated.

We probably should add it to "clean".

I am also wondering whether it would be good to do a weekly clean build. 
This would also entail a fresh checkout of source from cvs (i.e. make 
sure "limbo" stuff is gone from the former directories.) Once we move to 
svn this will be managed automatically as it also revisions the 
filesystem, in addition to files.

On another note, should we get a verifiable certificate for the 1.0 release?
Perhaps we don't use WebStart at all for releases, but only for nightly.


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