[jsword-devel] Lots of minor changes.

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 03:54:04 MST 2005

I have checked in a big change (nearly 300 files changed), but almost
all of the changes were really small. The change was a ripple effect of
upgrading findbugs, pmd and checkstyle, and trying to address the things
that they reported.

The only significant changes is that getKey accepts null gracefully,
returning an empty key. (It used to throw an NPE.) Also, I rewrote
GBFFilter to use a map to lookup the TagBuilder. This was a significant
performance boost. And since most modules are GBF, this is a good thing.

For those of you that subscribe to the notifications of what changed in
CVS, my virus scanner flagged a bunch of the automated emails as being


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