[jsword-devel] Almost ready for a 1.0 release

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 18:39:45 MST 2005

I just fixed the ViewSourcePane performance problem.
Next I will be working on BD-11 "Selection not maintained when blur
button is clicked"

After that there will only be 4 remaining tasks before a 1.0 release.
BD-64  "Layout is completely broken under OS-X"
BD-4    "About shows just the version, seems kinda pointless"
BD-20 "Create a windows installer"
BD-44 "Web broken to Binary Download for Mac"

Any volunteers? I need some help on these!

Of course, we will need to do lots of testing, from end to end, visiting
every nook and cranny.
Volunteers welcomed?

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