[jsword-devel] 2 minor fixes

dmsmith555 at yahoo.com dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 10:19:51 MST 2005

I am aware of the problem of the wrong blocking type. In a way, I have 
introduced the problem. I have been analyzing the confs against the 
documentation on the crosswire website and have made changes to the code 
to agree with what is said there. Turns out that the confs don't 
necessarily agree with the documentation. For example, ZIP and LZSS are 
defined but Zip and other mixed case is not.

I have modified all the problem confs (about 30 in all) and sent them to 
Chris for his review and for him to apply the changes. If he is not able 
to before we release, I will put case insensitivity back in.

Joe Walker wrote:

>I've fixed the spelling of some of the constants in BibleInfo,
>shocking that I've never noticed PROBERBS before!
>I've also had some issues with one of the books using the wrong
>blocking type that I've added some debug for, but not fixed the root
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