[jsword-devel] Looking ahead

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 08:52:57 MST 2005

Now that we are preparing for a 1.0 release, I think that we can look 
ahead to the next release.
There are a lot of ideas in Jira "bugs" Probably too much for a 1.1 release.

So what do we work on next?

I would like to see (not in any particular order):
Parallel texts. (Perhaps with a comparison mode where one is shown as 
the revision of another.)
User preferences/state restoration/per module preferences.
Support for the remaining module types.
Personal commentary/book marks/robust history.
True Daily Devotion support, migrating our "Readings" to it.
Full integration of Commentaries and Dictionaries.

Internally, I think we need to replace Java's HTML rendering with an 
embedded browser.
(More on this in a separate note.)

I think that Sword is going to tackle alternate versification, so I 
think that we may want to include this.
And along with that, I think it would be good to add support for OSIS 
By this I mean, that JSword would work against a raw OSIS document that 
is not a Sword module.

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