[jsword-devel] OSIS refs and ids

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 13 07:52:26 MST 2005

I have just made a change to be more inline with the OSIS specification.
According to the OSIS 2.x spec, an osisID can be a space separated list 
of individual osisIDs.
And an osisRef can be a single range, but the start and the end must be 
fully specified. Further,
and osisRef can be a single range.

The method getOSISName was being used for both and it did not satisfy 
either fully, but
was closest to producing an osisRef. So I renamed it to getOsisRef. I 
had to modify
getOsisRef in VerseRange to produce the correct start and end 
references. It still will
create a osisID for a range that is a whole book, a whole chapter or 
single verse.
getOsisRef still falls short for a passage with discontinuous ranges as 
it creates a comma
separated list of ranges.

I added getOsisId. It will either create a single osisID or a space 
separated list of them.

I then changed the various places that called getOSISName to use the 
correct one
of these two.

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