[jsword-devel] cleaner layout and UI ?

Willie Thean williethean at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 18:28:33 MST 2005

Hi DM --

Attached is the source and diff files.. Let me know if
it doesn't work. 
I can send all the affected  sources.


DM Smith wrote:

> Willie,
>     It looks good to me! If you wish either sent a
unified patch 
> against the source or send the source and I'll
review and apply the 
> changes. Probably would be best to zip it.
> Thanks!
>     DM
> Willie Thean wrote:
>>Hi --
>>I clean the layout and UI a little for Metal and
>>WindowsXP LookAndFeel 
>>(sorry I don't have a Mac). Put the attached 
>>BDModified.zip in front of 
>>the classpath and take a look.
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>jsword-devel mailing list
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