[jsword-devel] New Search Syntax

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 24 19:12:04 MST 2005

I have implemented the new search syntax that I suggested in an earlier 

The basic change is that it allows the full expressiveness of Lucene's 
search syntax.
This has been extended with blur and range/passage.

I also added two more fields to Advanced Search. One to help with spelling.
The other to find words that have a common prefix (i.e. starts with).

Some notes on Lucene's search syntax:
OR: (to find verses that have either one word or another)
joseph || mary
joseph mary
joseph OR mary

AND: (to find verses with both words)
joseph && mary
+joseph +mary
joseph AND mary

NOT: (find verses with the first word but not the second)
joseph ! mary
joseph -mary
joseph NOT mary

Phrases: (Find an exact phrase)
"son of man"

Near: (Find words that are close to each other in a verse)
"son man"~5

(JSword exclusive) Near: (Find words that are in verses that are close 
to each other)
jesus ~5 david (finds verses containing jesus that are within 5 verses 
on either side of one containing david)
jesus ~ david (within 1 verse on either side)
There are two significant restrictions on ~ and ~n:
It can only be used one time in a search request.
It cannot be in a parenthetical statement. This splits the search 
request into two halves. It searches the left and the right separately 
and then joins them together.

(JSword exclusive) Range Within/Without/Also: (Find verses relative to a 
specified range of passages)
Within: +[mat 1-5, gen-lev]
    When used alone, it is no different than specifying a passage.
    When used with other words, it only returns verses in the range.
Without: -[mat 1-5, gen-lev]
    Cannot be used alone. Finds results outside of the specified passages.
Also: [mat 1-5, gen-lev]
There are three significant restrictions on these:
    They must be specified at the beginning of the search request.
    It can only be used once.
    They cannot be followed by AND, &&, OR, ||, NOT, !, -

Finding words that you don't know how to spell (This will make all kinds 
of strange guesses, so turn ranking on)

Finding words that start with the same letters

Finding words that start and end the same:

Using parentheses for complicated expressions:
(joseph && mary) || (jesus && david) ! ("son man"~5 || "son god"~3)
Will find all verses with both joseph both mary and also verses with 
both jesus and david that don't have the words son and man within 5 of 
each other or son and god within 3 of each other.

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