[jsword-devel] Big checkin

DM Smith dmsmith555 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:13:10 MST 2005

I am checking in a bunch of changes. Here is an overview:

   1. Addressed all of the CheckStyle "warnings".
   2. Added the start of a History mechanism. Need to figure out whether
      it should be global or per tab/window. And where to put it if it
      is global. Suggestions welcomed.
   3. Changed the API for searching.
          * Added SearchRequest and SearchModifier interfaces plus
            default implementations. The only SearchModifier implemented
            so far is "rank", which will cause a ranking via PassageTally.
          * Changed how keys are created.
          * Added clone to the Key interface, allowing for the
            KeySidebar to order the passages.
   4. Improved the display of Notes.
          * Changed [verse] link to be a heading of the actual reference
            for all the notes in that verse.
          * Put a space between notes from different verses
          * "lettered" the notes from a verse beginning with 'a' (before
            it was a global increment and looked kind of funny when
            there are a lot of notes in "50" verses)
   5. Fixed a few bugs:
          * A 1.5 bug with numbering of Notes.
          * removed the extraneous comma when a verse had multiple notes
            in the same verse.
          * Fixed a <hi> bug, made evident with the NASB.
          * commented out cutandpaste*.xsl in index.txt

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