[jsword-devel] I'd like to get started, but where ?

Jana Lingo vze3k4rv at verizon.net
Sat Oct 16 10:14:32 MST 2004

I am intirigued by the projevt and would like to lend a hand, but don't
how to get started.
A little bit about me and my skill set:
	I'm 43, and having been doing software development off and on for 20
years. I live in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA and am an active member of
the local Presybyterian church. My recent programming experience has
been doing COBOL programming on a Unisys(Univac, for the old fogies)
maiframe. I realized that I needed to update  my skillset, and have
built a new pc from scrath(dual boot Linux/Windows)> I was looking
around for something to do,and saw and article about Sword/Bibletime on
Newsforge. Not to mention that I could be of sevice to the Lord. The
previous time I tried teaching myself C++ programming, I failed. I did
some projects a while ack in Object PAL(Paradox) and really liked it. I
had planned on getting a little bit more up to speeed on all this before
de-luring myself, but I lost my job on friday. This means i've got lot
more time and lot les money to do this, but I still feel lead to do it.
here's where I am so far:
I have several Java book
Head First Java http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/hfjava/
Learning Java  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learnjava2/
Just Java2
Ideas/ comments? i looking at a "course" on javaranch.com before
yesterday, but now the $200 stick in my brain, Do you think it's worth
Jana Lingo <vze3k4rv at verizon.net>

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