[jsword-devel] Fwd: Search Index Downloading

Joe Walker joseph.walker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 01:20:28 MST 2004


Various people wrote:
> Thinking about it more and more makes me think this isn't anything we want
> to manage (at least I don't want to manage).  Talking about it with some
> of the c++ guys, I had comments like:
>         Many places in the world don't have the bandwidth to download 6.8
> megs of index for the KJV (current clucene index size).  [Much less all
> these other indecies you may want to add.]

Not everyone will want to download an index, agreed - we are not
proposing that we stop allowing users to generate their own. Just that
we give them a download option.
For a user on broadband with an average PC downloading will reduce the
time to first search from over 5 minutes to under 1 minute. And
currently this time delay is at one of the most critical times for
users of our program. They are sitting at it for the first time saying
"what can it do", and to many people 5+ mins wait just to search == it
can't search.

On a side note, for us, the index is 2.5M so either they are not
binary compatible or you are using very different options.

>         Can't they [the jsword guys] nice a process [spawn a thread] to
> index in the background?

We already do the work in  a thread, but that just makes the time to
first search longer.


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