[jsword-devel] checkin

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 3 12:40:47 MST 2004

I just checked in a simple implementation of a histogram for statistical 
I am using it to figure out how to best present the confs for the books.
While there are many documented keys, many are not used much, if at all.
Some are required. So they are pretty frequent.
Anyway, it has helped me to understand what the fields are and how they 
are used.

As a result I am making changes to SwordBookMetaData to reflect what I 
have discovered.

I am still working on the presentation of Language in the installer 
tree. I am thinking of adding
the ability to query the collection of books to get back an ordered list 
of metadata values.
These would be then used to construct BookFilters. With these two things 
we can then
do a "group by" kind of tree. A first implementation will not be 
flexible, as it will only do
book type, then language, then book. Later, we can allow the user to 
state which attributes
they want to use to order the installer tree.

I am also working on the presentation of the conf metadata. My ultimate 
plan is to have
the conf be presented as an xslt transformation into html of an XML 
representation of the
properties the BookMetaData.

As a transition, I am ordering the properties for display.

There were some fields that were not being used by the application 
(license, speed, first pub date, edition)
so I am removing them. Let me know if I need to keep them. I think that 
we could add them in when
they become useful. I found that Language was easy to add.

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