[jsword-devel] Book installation

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 04:44:31 MST 2004

I am continuing to work on Book installation.

I have changed the code (but have not checked in) so that you can 
re-install a book if there is a newer version. I don't like how I did it 
because there are holes. I would appreciate input.

While I think it might be nice to know in advance whether a book has a 
newer version, I am leaving that that until later. For now, when you 
choose a book to download, if it is installed, it checks to see if there 
is a more recent version. If there is not then it tells you the book is 
already installed. Otherwise it allows the install.

The problem is that the modules have been around for a long time, but 
most of them have a date of Aug 2, 2004. I presume that this is because 
of maintenance on the server. So I could have downloaded a module last 
year and it now seems newer because it has a new date.

Is there a better way to know the date of a module?

Some of the modules have a SwordVersionDate in the conf. And I don't 
know how well maintained those dates are. For those that don't have 
dates can we assume they are old?

Should I use the date of the conf in mods.z.tar.gz? Is it always updated 
when the module is updated? Is it ever updated when the module is not 

Or should we always allow the module to be re-installed, but ask for the 
users confirmation?

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