[jsword-devel] Commit and update access to CVS

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 25 18:46:42 MST 2004

Willie, You can follow these instructions for making a patch in Eclipse 
and mailing it.
1) Right click on the project having the files that you modified.
2) In the context menu choose, Team -> Create Patch.
3) In the Create Patch dialog, choose Save in the file system and pick a 
location and name that you will remember. You can give it any extension 
you wish. I have always used .txt.
4) Click next and make sure that you have selected a "Diff output 
format" of "Unified" and also check the two check boxes "Recurse" and 
5) Click on finish.
6) Repeat for any other projects that you have changed (make sure to use 
a different file name for each).
7) Zip up all patches and mail them to this mailing list.

This is all there is to it.

 From here you can expect that one of us (probably Joe) will review the 
code, make changes to make it like the rest of the code, test it and 
check it in.

Willie Thean wrote:

>Thanks for explaining the process; I guess this is
>standard for open 
>source projects. For newbies (someone like me :) ), 
>the process would be
>1. Create a patch file (if you use Eclipse, see help
>on "Working with 
>2. Post the patch file on the bug tracking system.
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