[jsword-devel] Commit and update access to CVS

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 25 14:40:30 MST 2004

Thanks so much for pitching in. It really is a help.
Post a patch and Joe, Mark or I will check it in.
Joe manages the write access to CVS. I had been helping for about 6 
months before I got write privs. Having them is really not necessary as 
the patch mechanism really works well. (At least once I learned to zip 
up the files so that mail would not corrupt them!)


Willie Thean wrote:

>Hi All --
>Bug BD-3: Menu shortcuts are broken; I've modified  
>to fix this.
>1. Who can verify/check-in it in?
>2. When does one gain write access to the CVS
>repository? What are the 
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