[jsword-devel] lucene index and clcene index

hemant muthiyan hemant_muthiyan at yahoo.co.in
Sun Nov 7 23:42:22 MST 2004

I am asking this on this mailing list, because while searching internet, I found a discussion related to my problem here http://www.crosswire.org/pipermail/jsword-devel/2004-October/001589.html.
Its only three days I am working on lucene.
My requirement is to make search using clucene in index file created by lucene.
I am creating a com component for this using clucene.
I found that lucene creates three files,
1) segments
2) deletable
and 3) the index file (while searching lucene uses segment file to find index file name)
While in clucene the number of files created after indexing are 11.
Among them are segments and deletable.
I want to know why it creates so many files?
Is there any way that I can read or convert index file created by lucene to clucene format?
Any help will be a big relief.
Thanks and regards
Hemant Muthiyan.

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