[jsword-devel] jaxb is dead long live jdom

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed May 12 07:57:25 MST 2004

Great work! I have made a few other cleanup changes and have attached a 
patch which does the following:
(I am listing all the changes, because I think it may be easier to just 
do the same rather than trying to patch. And I don't think that request 
to delete binary files actually work.)

	changed a comment regarding endorsed.dirs and JAXB
	removed jaxb jars and resource.jar.
	changed jsword-swing.jar to bibledesktop.jar

   core.xml removed references to jaxb jars.

   removed the following jars:
   in java/jsword/org/crosswire/jsword/book
	removed JAXBSAXEventProvider.java
	removed JAXBUtil.java
	deleted JAXB references in Msg.java
	deleted static initialization of JAXB in OSISUtil.java
	modified comment in ParentLocator.java
   in java/jsword/org/crosswire/jsword/book/filter
	deleted JAXB references in Msg.java
   in java/jsword/org/crosswire/jsword/book/filter/gbf
	deleted JAXB references in Msg.java
   in java/jsword/org/crosswire/jsword/book/filter/osis
	modified comment in package.html
   in java/jswordtest/org/crosswire/jsword/book/
	removed comment referring to JAXB initialization in ReadEverything.java
   in resource/org.crosswire.jsword.book.Msg.properties
	changed JAXBUtil to OSISUtil
   in jsword.library
	removed references to jaxb libraries

   removed the following zips:
	removed jaxb jars and jsword-osis jar
	Made a few other changes but this still does not work.

On another note:
In jsword there are jbuilder files which are very out of date. Is there 
any reason to keep them? Won't someone need to start over anyway, since 
the massive refactoring?
The files in question are:

Joe Walker wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm just committing a patch to get rid of jaxb. It isn't perfect yet, 
> but at least you get to read Bible text, even though some of the 
> formatting is broken.
> The really good news about this is the reduced download size. Virtually 
> everything comes to slightly over 2Mb now. All sources together - 2.5Mb, 
> binary download 2.2Mb, webstart download 2.2Mb!
> Why didn't we do this before?
> Joe.
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