[jsword-devel] JAXB elimination

Dickinson Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue May 11 19:05:36 MST 2004

There are a few other changes that need to take place,
mostly deletes. I imagine that you are in the process
of finishing the changes, but if you want me to do any
of them just holler.

JAXBUtil.java and JAXBSAXEventProvider.java need to be
deleted. They work until target/osis is deleted.

There are some opportunities for delete in jsword/jar:
jaxb-1.0, jaxbendorsed-1.0 and xalan25d1.

These are mentioned in core.xml. So that needs to be

These along with jsword-osis.jar is mentioned in the
*.jnlp files.

Some cleanup can happen in jsword-support as xerces,
xalan, and jaxb are not needed.

These changes may have ripple effect into .classpath.

--- DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Joe,
> I am reviewing your changes and I found an
> incomplete change which will 
> result in a NPE:
> in TabbedBookDataDisplay.setBookData you have:
>          datas = null; // OSISUtil.pagenate(data,
> pagesize * 10);
>          tabs = (datas.size() > 1);
>          if (tabs)
> I'll let you know if I see more problems. Otherwise
> it looks great.
> DM

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