[jsword-devel] deletes and confusion

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Thu May 6 04:15:43 MST 2004


I've been doing a hatchet job on jsword-support and working on jsword-web

I'm trying to move build.xml sections that deal with the tools like 
jdepend from jsword-web to jsword-support/tools which is far more logical.

Changes to build:
- Added mkdir to prepare in core.xml (jsword-web tripped over this)
- Made prepare.extra not depend on prepare because prepare calls 
prepare.extra (is this the right fix?)

I'd like to put back in the code that copies jar files before signing 
them - it allows us to check for dependencies before we sign, which will 
prevent us signing unchanged jars, which will in turn stop jnlp 
permanently downloading everything. I'm working on that now.


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