[jsword-devel] nightly build

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 13:34:30 MST 2004

I was looking at the nightly build and I have a few suggestions:
1) Since the 3rd party jars don't change frequently, zip them to a 
tools-${version}-bin.zip. This can be built daily until we figure out 
how to do it only when we upgrade a version of a tool. By doing this a 
user can download the tools.zip occasionally.

Or let people get them from the official location.

2) Also publish an osis-${version}-bin.zip and osis-${version}-src.zip. 
Again, this does not change much but they are huge. Joe, you have noted 
that it may be best to migrate from jaxb, so this may become a moot point.

3) In jsword-${version}-bin.zip only include the following jars 
common.jar, jsword.jar, bibledesktop.jar and maybe jsword-web.jar.

4) In the jsword-${version}-src.zip only include the source for common, 
jsword, bibledesktop and maybe jsword-web. This includes the contents of 
their resource directory. I could go either way on whether it should 
contain test source. The idea behind this is that if a person wants more 
than this they can get it via CVS.

And of course build the corresponding tar.gz versions.

Currently the last set of zips had the following sizes:
jsword-${version}-bin.zip 13.17M (Note that almost every jar appears 2x)
jsword-${version}-src.zip 14.34M (Note that this contains the jars too)

With the changes above:
jsword-${version}-bin.zip 0.92M (does not include jsword-web.jar)
jsword-${version}-src.zip 1.03M (does not include test code)
osis-${version}-bin.zip   1.13M
osis-${version}-src.zip   0.82M
tools-${version}-bin.zip  2.15M

These numbers are based on a quick hack (may be missing a few files, 
such as *.sh and *.jnlp), but should give the right idea as to the size.

Note that if we fix the redundancy but don't break it out then 
jsword-${version}-bin.jar should have been 4.20M.

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