[jsword-devel] Applying patch

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Fri Jun 25 11:45:52 MST 2004


Checked in.

DM Smith wrote:
> When you get the patch done, I will merge it in and submit another.
> I have two bug fixes (Hebrew text display and dictionary lookup of 
> inexact matches) and a semantic change to getData(Key).
> WRT the semantic change, Joe, you had noted that you wanted getData(Key)
> to return null if the verse could not be found. Right now it throws a 
> BookException. This would be for OT lookups in the NT, the reverse or 
> for input mistakes. Is this still something that you think is a good 
> idea. I have implemented the change, but it would be easy to back out.

I'm not sure I've ever really thought about it properly.
If a Key is invalid or for a different type of Book then clearly we 
should throw an Exception, but for valid keys for which we have no data 
then perhaps a better response would be to return a BookData that 
contains nothing.

Do you have any idea why I thought null was a good idea?!

> The biggest problem I see with borrowed code is that practical ownership 
> changes hands. When changes are applied to the original, they are not 
> necessarily applied to the borrowed. Perhaps a new TAG (e.g. BORROWED) 
> with documentation in tags.txt could be used to indicate that the code 
> should be revisited when the original's package is updated. (i.e. JDK 
> 1.4 -> 1.5 causes a revisit.)

Done that.

>> I'm sure I wrote some detailed notes of getRaw() did they get lost? 
>> The short version is - what about modules with binary sources, or 
>> sources that are computed at runtime, etc?

> I don't remember seeing the notes other than "implement this". I am 
> careful about deleting comments that outline design decisions or to-dos. 
> I generally try to maintain them and I include them when refactoring.
> If I had deleted them it would have been months ago when I re-wrote 
> ModuleType.

It was in an e-mail.
Since I've applied the patch now it is a little irrelevant.


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