[jsword-devel] MapTable

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 21 10:21:14 MST 2004

Earlier I had worked on the MapTable used to display Sword Book conf 
files. One of the problems is that some of the lines are too long and 
should wrap. I had wrapping at one point, but took it out because it was 
  ugly when the window was resized. It is not really a big deal but it 
bothers me. So I want to fix it.

I have been pleased with how JTextPane handles tables and I am thinking 
that would be a good solution for displaying tabular data. Any thoughts 
on whether it would be a good, neutral or bad idea?

Further with the conf files, I have presented the rows in the order that 
they are in the file, with the synthetic rows at the bottom. In trying 
to figure out what Bibles would represent a good data test set 
(basically a one-of-each encoding approach) I was scanning the conf's in 
the Book installer window and found the lack of a consistent ordering a 
little bit frustrating. Is there a value in having the order consistent 
with that of the file? (Earlier it was random.) I would like to change 
it to make it more consistent. My initial thought is to order it based 
upon importance to the application (what it uses and what it does not) 
and importance to the user (i.e. some reasonable approximation of the 
order of the other keys) I guess I could go overboard and let it be 
fully customizable, but I was thinking that a resource file with ordered 
keys would be a good starting place. Maybe represent the Map in xml and 
use xslt to present it.

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