[jsword-devel] Big Patch

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 20 23:13:36 MST 2004

I have modified 98 files across all projects. It may sound like a lot, 
but most of the files have only a few lines of changes.

Here is a general overview of the changes:
Finished the i18n/l10n work (there may be more.... but not much)
   config.xml and readings were the last holdouts

Marked more classes and methods as dead. While we may keep the files as 
they are, I find it useful to know what is currently not used.

Did some refactoring to put methods (behavior) in better classes.
   Changed ResourceUtil to use CWClassLoader to do the resource lookup.
   Used apache StringUtils instead of common/StringUtil where possible.
   Moved getImplementation from ResourceUtil to ClassUtils
   Moved readings from jsword/Project to jsword/readings driver.
   Replaced uses of common/EventListenerList with Sun's original.
   Moved IsDirectoryURLFilter from Project to NetUtil.
   Moved getDocument from Project to XMLUtil.

Eliminated system property jsword.bible.dir. This affected alot of 
launch scripts.

I eliminated swing-style (cswing remains).

Eliminated actionPerformed from DesktopActions.

Added original text to ViewSourcePane.
   To do this I added String getRawData(Key) to Book and its impls.

Fixed the TEMP_DIR of NetUtil to not be project specific.

Config.xml was split into two files with i18n in config.properties.
This rippled into almost all of common/config, as I passed the resource 
bundle as config.xml was undergoing recursive descent parsing. You will 
note that the keys have had the spaces removed. This was for readability 
and maintainability of the property files.

Fixed a bug in SwordBook where it tried to replace bad chars with blanks.

Removed some lines of code that were present to shut up eclipse. They 
are not needed anymore.
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