[jsword-devel] To do's for next release

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 10:28:47 MST 2004

We are nearly done with a first pass on internationalization. Other than 
changes to dead code, I see that we should do the following:
1) Internationalize the help in config.xml. Specifically, I think the 
<help> tag should contain a key into a resource bundle. Perhaps 
config.xml should have a tag that indicates where to find the resource 
2) Audit the i18n messages and ignored strings. This can happen post 
1.0, but I think it should be done before the Msg.properties are 
translated. The basic goal is to determine whether the i18n is complete, 
whether it is clear to an end user (not a developer) and whether it can 
be reduced. These are the things I think we should look for:
a) are any messages created with string concatenation rather than 
b) are any messages meant only for support personnel? Can any of these 
be replaced with an assert? Are these details to an end user or a 
primary message? If it is a primary message, does it make sense?

There have been significant changes to the code and I think a thorough 
testing to uncover bugs is in order. I have added a bug to bugs.txt in 
the last patch. In the past I focused on application bugs, but I think 
that there are data handling bugs. This may be due to bugs in the data, 
but they may indicate problems in handling correctly formed data. I am 
seeing some tagging not being handled in the original source. I think it 
would be good to add a tab to the SourceViewer to show the original 
text, in addition to the OSIS and the HTML. That would make it easier to 
diagnose these problems.

In addition to bugs, we should look at "fit and finish" issues. I 
noticed that there are a lot of "tasks" marked in the code. I think it 
would be good to visit all of them and decide whether to do something 
for this release or to do it later. With regard to the GUI, I find the 
more I work with something the more I go down the same testing paths. As 
a result, I have a tendency to make those paths work to my liking. And 
my liking does not necessarily make sense to others;-)

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