[jsword-devel] Patch for i18n and misc

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 08:27:05 MST 2004

I am attaching a large patch for 80 files. I won't enumerate all the 
changes as I have done in the past, but here is an overview:

I worked on the Msg files and their resources:
	I made them all uniform in their style.
	  (It does not matter a whole lot to me what that is,
	   but I stuck with what I did originally.)
	I removed unused tags in Msg.java and Msg.properties
	  (except in the case of UNUSED, which looked like a
	   place holder)

I tagged files with I18N and put that tag in Eclipse's task list to see 
what needed to be done.

I moved some buttons out of Msg and into an ActionFactory. The remaining 
ones would be shared when they should not be or they are in dead code.

I implemented Joe's suggestion to move actionPerformed into 
ActionFactory rather than repeating it in derived classes. This had the 
cascading effect of needing to change visibility of the "do" methods 
from protected to public as he noted. I also fixed a bug in the 
actionPerformed that first tried to call the doMethod(ActionEvent) and 
then doMethod(). (Joe, hopefully you were not working on this....)

I added a cancel button to the JobsProgressBar, if the job is 
cancelable. I based it on the code that was in the JobsViewPane. This 
may require testing of all the cancelable jobs or adding a good cancel 
semantic as the two I tested were a bit buggy. I tested Bible indexing 
and also book downloading. If indexing is canceled, search does not work 
after that. If download is canceled, I got different behavior depending 
on where it happened. I think that cancel is very useful in principle. 
So that is why I added the cancel button. Anyway try downloading several 
books at the same time. It looks good.

If we decide to keep the cancel button on the progress bar then the 
JobsViewPane is really not needed.

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