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DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 6 20:06:01 MST 2004

I think that I made the comment. To the best of my memory:

Part of the problem was that what was presented had problems. The HTML 
showed a lossy rendition (i.e. no styles) as it was requested from the 
document. It was not what was provided to the document. I have not 
looked at it but I think you have changed it to be the code as generated 
by the stylesheet.

The GHTML only showed the text and not the generated html.

The OSIS showed correctly.

The other problem was that it was context sensitive and it was not clear 
what the chosen context was. From my perspective, I always wanted to 
have a view source of the bible text. But sometimes it was of the 
dict/reading window and sometimes of the commentary window. All 
depending on what was the current view.

I think that show source is useful, but more so to advanced users (so 
perhaps an advanced option)

I think that if the problems are overcome, then it becomes much more 

Joe Walker wrote:
> Hi,
> There was some comment a while ago about how the various view options on 
> the view menu were not very user friendly. They were:
> - View HTML
> - View OSIS
> - View G-HTML
> There is now:
> - View Source
> Which shows a tabbed window containing both the OSIS and the HTML for 
> the current passage.
> I think that the concept of "view source", whilst not the most user 
> friendly, is also not so user vicious that Microsoft have needed to take 
> is out of what is probably the most used application in history. So my 
> current thinking is to leave it in.
> Thoughts?
> Joe.
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