[jsword-devel] svn problem

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 10:46:38 MST 2004

I will go along with whatever and am willing to learn a new system. I 
have no experience with SVN, but then again I had no CVS experience 
until Jan 2004.

I am always reluctant to go to a new system when the losses are 
significant and the gains are few. I have a feeling this is one of them.

I have been reading the "book" on SVN and the major advantage I see 
(given the patch methodology that is used for JSword) is that move and 
rename are true operations and don't lose history.

I could move development to Linux, but there are no RPMs available for 
Fedora Core 2 yet. I think, I would need to build it myself.

I am not adverse to using a command line in Windows, but I think that it 
would be a pain. Windows does not have a good shell script language like 
csh, tcsh, sh, ksh, ..... And unless there is a graphical merge tool, 
the command line would be horrible for merges.

If we were at 1.0, my perspective would be a bit different, but I don't 
want to jeopardize reaching 1.0 quickly. I think we are pretty close.

Before making a change, I think that we need to have an integration 
point. That is all pending changes need to be collected and applied, 
tested and any introduced bugs fixed.

Joe Walker wrote:
> Hi,
> In testing the svn plugin I failed to apply a patch created using svn. 
> The process appears fundamentally broken because it treats the "leading 
> path segment" wrongly.
> We have 4 options that I can think of:
> 1. Stay with CVS
> 2. Find a new way of working. I like being able to review changes to the 
> main branch so I'm not keen on throwing the doors open, but we could 
> work with a branch per developer and merge between the branches in much 
> the same way the bitkeeper and the Linux kernel seems to work. This is 
> just an idea though and may not work
> 3. Do our SVN interaction using TortoiseSVN. This may not work of course.
> 4. Do our SVN interaction using command line tools. Which would be a 
> right pain for windows development.
> 2 feels like too big a jump to do without more thought. 3 and 4 are not 
> mutually exclusive, but both would be a pain for windows developers. So 
> I've become very nervous about switching to svn right now.
> Any input?

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