[jsword-devel] Updates

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 20:27:46 MST 2004

I have applied your changes w/o a problem. And I like what I see. I have 
been giving some thought about passage and I was thinking that it was 
redundant with KeyList. And I noticed that there were places in the code 
that knew or assumed a book was a Bible and would have been more useful 
if it did not. I see that you are working on these changes. Kudos.

I was wondering whether it would be useful for a Key to have a limited 
recursive definition: A key is a reference to one or more parts of a 
book. If so then key list would become an internal implementation of key.

Anyway, let me know when you have things back together. I want to see 
the finished work (in progress). I think that it does not affect my work 
on the ant build.

Joe Walker wrote:
> Joe Walker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've applied your patch DM, thanks.
>> I've also done a bit of work, which while not 100% yet I've committed 
>> to avoid too much merge hassle.
>> I tweaked the search framework to use Key and KeyList in place of 
>> Passage. This means that (in theory) searches should work with any 
>> Book and not just Bibles.
>> The s/Passage/Key theme has echoed around a while so quite a few files 
>> are changed, hence the check in. I hope the merge isn't a hassle DM.
> Few more echos. It occurs to me that the whole PassageFactory thing is a 
> poor idea. It is against I18N because it isn't going to cope with 
> non-english versifications very well and there is an alternative in 
> PassageKeyFactory.
> In an ideal world since Book is-a from KeyFactory, we shouldn't really 
> need KeyFactory, I think.
> Joe.
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